Are You Part of the Problem or Solution in the Independent Insurance Industry?

Do you ever have that feeling where you just want to grab someone by the shoulders and shake them and say “This is so simple!” 

After just over a year in the insurance industry, that’s exactly what I want to do to so many agents. 

When I first joined the GloveBox team, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be successful because I didn’t have an extensive background or knowledge of insurance. I worked as a journalist and sports photographer, what do I know about insurance? Turns out, I didn’t need to know much about insurance to see the flaws in the industry. 

As an outsider, and as someone who has recently reached the age of shopping for my own insurance, I’ve been able to create a valuable perspective of where I believe the industry is lacking.  I thought I’d share some of my insights on what I believe needs to change in the independent channel.

You may be thinking, why should I listen to her? 

And the answer is simple, you don’t have to but I’m speaking for the newest generation of policyholders that could make or break your agency.

Here are my top 5 things I would like to see evolve independent space:



1. Don’t make assumptions on your clients’ behalf 

“I don’t think my clients would use that.” Wow! I had no idea you could read minds! That’s the only way you could possibly know what all of your clients want. Maybe you don’t think they would use something because you’ve never offered something like that before. You’d be surprised at how many clients would be thrilled to have new capabilities to engage with your agency, especially a CXP (not an ad) 

2. I don’t want to call you

A quote we hear absolutely way too often at GloveBox HQ is “I want my clients to call me.” I know this may be hard to hear, but I don’t want to call you! I don’t want to call anyone in general so why would I choose to have my insurance through an agency that I have to call for every little thing when I can just buy direct and get service through a chatbot?  

3. I don't know what a lienholder is

Unfortunately, insurance (and most basic life skills) are not often taught in schools. So we’re stuck learning about insurance through three primary avenues: Our parents, Google, and just winging it and seeing what happens. I would be so thrilled to see more agents offering educational tools for younger people. If your agency is already offering education, take a second to assess how it’s being presented. Short-form video content is on the rise with TikTok and Instagram Reels only growing more popular by the day. Keep it short, sweet, and educational.

4. Have a social media presence 

Speaking of TikTok and Instagram Reels… What does your agency’s social media presence look like right now? If you’re answering that you don’t have one…

If you’re looking to connect with the younger generations, this is the absolute #1 way you should be doing it. 55% of consumers (of all ages) learn about new brands on social media. Think of how many potential new clients you’re missing out on by not being accessible on social media. Also please for the love of whatever higher power you believe in, don’t limit yourself to just Facebook. 

5. Make insurance FUN!

This one might be a little tough at times, but I’m challenging everyone reading this to put just a little more effort into creating content for your clients. Take that extra minute or two to think about how you can make something that people will actually want to engage with. Little hint for you, resharing blogs written by other companies are not fun and engaging. Unless it’s this one of course!


Honestly, I could go on and on about what I’d like to see change in the industry but I’ll have to save that for another time. I know it can be intimidating to try to keep up, but the times are changing quickly and drastically. Improvements are overdue in the insurance industry and the newest generation of policyholders will hold you to it! We won’t settle for inadequate technology and agents who make us call them for every little thing.

I’ll just leave it at that, but I do have one final question for you.

Would you rather your agency be seen as innovative early adopters or be the ones always playing catch up? 

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