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Andy Mathisen, the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of GloveBox, was an observer of the insurance industry from a young age. After spending a year and a half at a startup tech company after college, he inevitably made his way into the family agency as the team’s Marketing Director. This position required a lead generation strategy of gorilla marketing to feed a team of inside sales reps. Building a referral partner network of mortgage brokers, realtors, and financial planners became his bread and butter. As the book scaled quickly, the team was growing, which allowed him to step into a management position overseeing the sales team. The next phase of Andy’s career was a big decision, to move into the insurtech space and start GloveBox alongside his brother and two lifelong friends. It was the opportunity of a lifetime with the ultimate goal to bring a major solution to the independent channel. Today, the company has made a tremendous impact in the industry by allowing agencies to license the self-service platform for its policyholders. The company’s story continues to be told as its technology evolves towards a full-scale solution for the best client experience for independent agents.

The Latest Version of GloveBox is Now Available 🚀

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It's a great day at GloveBox! Our mission of providing the independent insurance channel with a premium client experience platform continues to take shape. Over the past many months, our team has been working on extensive updates to the platform in preparation for this release. You will experience a fully redesigned user interface that concentrates on what the user wants to see along with prioritizing agency needs. This improvement gives each stakeholder greater value than ever before. The NEW version of GloveBox is now available for update in the App Store and accessible on the web by visiting

As you navigate the new app, you will encounter several enhancements to the policyholder experience...

GloveBox is now more policy centric, with the home screen having an emphasis on policy type divided by carrier. The update to the interface provides our users clarity on their policies, their carriers, and details associated with each. Next, you’ll notice improved navigation between screens thanks to bigger more responsive buttons. This upgrade shows how quickly a user can find what they are looking for more efficiently. Additionally, this version features enhanced text and button contrast, improved content readability, and call-to-action items.

Simply put, we needed to make the app more user-friendly, and believe we’ve done just that. Not only did we concentrate on the policyholder experience but we also enhanced the agency details screen which focuses on all forms of communication with the agency. Independent agencies that license the app should feel confident in providing a premium self-service to its policyholders.

As you may have noticed, we didn't include Android in this announcement. Be on the lookout for future updates for Android users by registering to our email list or by following us on social media.

If you have any questions or feedback about the New version of GloveBox, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're always happy to help!

Updates include:

- Enhanced user experience
- Policy centric
- More User-friendly layout
- Button contrast
- Content readability and action items

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Operating by Path of Least Resistance

When you look at any system, the equation is going to be about the same; a compilation of input (effort) turning into a corresponding output (results). This is no exception when it comes to doing business in the insurance industry. The proverbial totem pole is measured by success when it comes to producers, agencies, and carriers which all stem from the same equation. When you are in a competitive industry, you have to identify how you are going to work your way up the totem pole. This typically comes in the form of more input than the competition but sometimes, there is a path of least resistance; we call this working smarter not harder.

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If you build it, leads will come

The journey of an independent agent has a very similar story for most who have had a career in the insurance industry: After weeks/months of studying for your test, everything finally kicks off with a newly issued license in P&C, Life, and/or Health and it’s officially go-time. You find an agency willing to let you come in and get to work and away you go. From day one, you jump in the proverbial saddle and are expected to call, quote, and sell business. If you were to poll 100 agents and have them walk through their first year in the industry, they would most likely tell you that this was their story. “I was thrown into the fire and had to learn insurance on the fly”. But in those first few weeks, it becomes very clear what will end up being the biggest problem…where do all of the leads come from???

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