Integrations-For The Win

What’s up insurance guys and gals!

I really want to chat about the word "integration" for a minute. 

This feels like an important time to discuss the topic as we live and breathe it every day in the modern world of insurance. 

So, here's my take... 

The insurance industry which is famously known for its lack of innovation has never seen so much interconnectivity between companies and their systems. If I had to guess, I would say most software companies are always working on multiple integrations at once. 

Hear me out, the word "integration" feels like it’s been rejuvenated over the years. The reason I think that is because I’m really just a naive sales and marketing guy but, in all seriousness, insurtech has actually taught me a thing or two. 

Something to point out is the development decisions that are made regarding integration carry a lot of weight in the advancement of a business. In many cases, integrations are the most important decisions a company will make. But it’s all worth it because they provide an end-user with the power of multiple systems working together which is of course 🔥🔥 when it works.

Here's the thing though... If you sit down and actually think about it 🤔, what does the word “integration” mean? 

The formal definition is the delivery of information from one system to another. This can include data, documentation, communication, and more.

Honestly, if you're not a technical person but you still want to sound cool in tech you just talk about integrations. Just bringing it up and using it in a sentence you'll automatically be considered a savvy insurance professional 🤣 what’s funny is that I resemble that remark. 

But here's what I really think...

For years, integration was a more formal process. Literal handshakes were being made before these systems connected. Today, it’s the wild west out there 🤠. If you want the connection, you can just go get it. The reality is that’s the mentality of the companies that understand what’s going on.

Here’s the problem, however, somewhere in between all this the lines were blurred with the knowledge of how this process works…

The truth is that there does not need to be a formal agreement between two companies for their systems to be successfully and safely connected. I repeat, there does not need to be a formal agreement between two companies for their systems to be successful and safely connected. Some integrations require formality and some don’t. 


Integrations help users do more stuff to have a BETTER experience. If you're a company with any software development and don’t see it this way, I must say you’ll be 💩 out of luck in the very near future. I challenge any doubters to set a reminder and email me 📫  in 2024.

The thing is, too many companies out there are missing the point of these integrations. It’s quite simple, they make everything BETTER. If you're not looking to be better, then you’re doing your users and business partners a disservice (that’s just my take). 

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No, they didn't pay me to say this but now they owe me dinner. Oh, and Will Shaw would beat Nick Ayers in a foot race. If you know you know 👀

I'll end with this...if an integration means everyone benefits from an enhancement in tech, then everyone should proceed like 🚀 and watch how much success happens in the insurance industry. 

Rant over.

PS we should have played a drinking game every time the word Integration was mentioned above.

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