How to Own the Zoom Room

It’s 2022. The handshake & bolstering up your mileage for tax purposes are both considered questionable. In their wake, we are left with the Sigma Chi Fist Bump, the Awkward Elbow Kiss, and a 3X Stock Price on Zoom Video Communications.

If you haven’t opened a virtual meeting account, or at least attended an online get-together in the past two years, I would like to know how you’ve made it this far. Mainly, so I can congratulate you with an Awkward Elbow Kiss… that’s my go-to. 

With Zoom Meetings set as the new normal, there are several things you can do to increase the comfort level & your chance of a sale.


  • They already decided you & your product are worth the time, so take 15 minutes and return the favor. Check out the company website and study up. It’s very easy to find some common ground in a bio & show the prospect you’re not the average product-puker.


  • The pandemic made everyone a work-from-home employee in some regard. Nothing says “we’re all in this together” like your kid’s princess palace in the background. Encourage the person meeting with you to turn their camera on by having yours up & running. Don’t be shy… it’s a lot easier to see how interested someone is when you can… see… them. 


  • The cameras are on… they know you read their bio… now let’s search for some red flags.
    • Tell me about your business…
    • What problems are you looking to solve?
    • Would your ex give you a good review?
  • Just listening for a few minutes to begin a virtual meeting will give you all the ammo you need to ask for the sale later… or run like hell the other way.


  • ZOOM meeting or 1999 in-person meeting, it doesn’t matter, nobody buys unless you ask them to buy. The pitch is over, they know the price… it’s time for the dance portion of the evening. If they don’t want to dance, let’s find out why, but inevitably our dance card is pretty full for the night. Yes… this is a 1960s organized dance party.

The Host Has Ended the Meeting.

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