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Sean Mulhern

Sean jumped into insurance in 2012, and thereafter consistently produced in the top 1% of all agents in the United States. Over a five-year period, his annual production was in excess of $1 million/year in home and auto premium. Sean transitioned to commercial insurance with the same results. Through working with countless clients, carriers, and agency processes and procedures, Sean became an expert in automating processes and utilizing technology in order to continually increase efficiency and reach new customers. Experiencing the major technology problems of the industry led Sean to work with the GloveBox team, developing a product that makes servicing policies easier for policyholders, agencies, and carriers.

The Missing Piece in the Agency Tech Stack

As customers of Insurtech, let’s take a look at the overwhelming asks of agencies WITHIN the IA channel.  It is easy to see based on the companies gaining traction in the space that agencies are asking for faster, easier, more efficient ways to get things done. Faster ways to quote, easier ways to bind, better tools to drive new business into your agency. 

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Clean data is vital to the success of your business

Data sucks. Even writing an article about data sucks. But that does not change the fact that clean data is vital to the success of your business. Unorganized and messy data is like a loaded M-16 without a trained Marine to pull the’s useless.  It is up to you. Up to you to use your tech platforms to their full potential. Keeping data clean and consistent will help you sell more insurance, service more efficiently, and have the ability to leverage integrations that will supercharge your business.  

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